Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Fix Save Checksum
Allows you to play edited THAW saves on Xbox 360!

Enabling The Debug Menu
Enables the Debug Menu both online and offline!

Testlevel FIXED!!
Play the hidden Neversoft Testlevel!

Ped Body Tutorial NEW!!
Put a ped body on your CAS!

Topless Female CAS
Ever wondered what Trisha's breast look like?

Hidden Panties for Female CAS
Ever wish you could skate with a girl in panties on Thaw?

Scaling Tutorials
All the scaling tutorials released so far!

Board Scaling NEW!!
Change the size of your board!

Trick Swapping + Airshuffle NEW!!
Works online!

Inverted CAS NEW!!
Makes your skater upside-down!

Invisible Skateboard
Removes the skateboard from your saved skater!

Super Blood
Lost when banned from Freewebs.
Enables the Super Blood cheat, which you can't use without this mod!

Modded / Color CAS Name / Location
Changes the color of the text for your CAS name and location!

Modded / Color Split-Screen Horse
Specifically for split-screen Horse.

Modded / Color Create-A-Trick Name
Really cool in-game effects!

Jesus-Stance Create-a-Trick NEW!!

Create-a-Park Save Modding Documentation NEW!!
Documentation on park modding!