• "To Protect and Serve."
  • "To Protect and Serve."

What We Do...

Our mission in Los Santos is clear. Fight crime. At this point, we cannot clearly see the end. We currently engage any and all bounties. We engage all mid-activity or witnessed crime in process, from Hit and Runs to LSPD crime. We are not operating in cooperation with the Los Santos Police Department, and officers may engage during our operations. Citizens are advised to remain clear of the scene during any active operation.

Violent Crime

Violent crime is ripping the streets of Los Santos apart. Murderers operate in cooperation with each other, literally killing for no reason. Many are repeat offenders. Our mission to stop violence and protect the citizens trumps all other missions.

Organized Crime Families

Los Santos is matted with small gangs, crews, and collective criminal minds operating together nonstop. We must remain one step ahead of them if we plan to control anything.

What can I do?

You can join our team! You can be a part of the effort to end the violence and the crime! Together, we can accomplish our missions in Los Santos, and restore political order!