Site Updates
10/1/14- Site clone uploaded by TNT!
3/24/09- Small things changed on home page. bNu COD4 and WAW Rosters split
2/1/09- New Site name, New Domain, repaired and redirected to the new site.
12/24/08- LOTS of additions, such as; new shoutbox on forum index, top 6 stats chart, SOTW results in stats box, and more!
12/15/08- Began SOTW Competition, and added Weekly Polls.
12/2/08- THUG2 Code release, and Holiday banner put up!
11/11/08- Some new codes by both BlazE and TNT added to VIP
11/10/08- New bNu clan members!
11/2/08- New homepage by TNT put up! Thanks TNT!
First Week of Oct.- Switched forum hosts, began working on a new template, and switched blaze-net to another server.
9/15/08- Got the original homepage back up finally!
9/13/08- Released some more codes, including Spiderman and Ollie anything!
9/4/08- Released a few codes into the THAW and THUG2 Archives.
9/3/08- Updated site template.