Checksum Tutorial
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Xbox 360
Tutorial by: TNT

I've rewritten this because a lot of people have had problems. When I first came up with this method I was modding full saves, but now with Horizon it's a lot easier.

What you'll need:
- Horizon (Free Download)
- Hex Workshop (Trial Download)
- A USB Drive / Any way to transfer saves back and forth between your 360 and PC

1. Open the save you want to mod in Horizon. Click the Contents Tab;

2. Extract the 96.00 KB file to your computer.

3. Open the extracted file in Hex Workshop.

4. Select the first 8 digits.

In this case it's "5C 12 5F DB"

5. Replace those 8 digits with 8 zeros. "00 00 00 00"

6. Scroll down to the bottom and find the padding.

The padding is the letter "i" repeated from a certain point to the end of the save.

7. Start selecting everything before the padding by clicking between the last 00 and first 69 (69 = the first "i")

8. Drag up towards the top until you've selected everything before the padding all the way up to the 8 zeros you originally typed.

Make sure you select everything, even those zeros.

9. Now click Tools on the Task Bar and Select "Generate Checksum"

10. Select "CRC (32 bit)" and then "Selection" and then "Generate"

11. Make sure you've selected "1st Compliment" as pictured below:

You've now successfully generated the original checksum.

In this case you see the generated checksum "5C 12 5F DB" was the same as the original checksum "5C 12 5F DB."

If you did any mod, for example searched "20 FF A1 1C" and replaced it with "00 00 00 00" you could use this to generate a new checksum that will allow you to play with an invisible board!

12. Simply type those 8 digits you've generated to replace the "00 00 00 00" at the beginning.

13. Now back in Horizon, Right click the 96.00 KB file you just extracted, and replace it with the new modified save.

14. Resign / Reshash a couple of times, and enjoy!