THPS1+2 DEMO Mods by TNT:


Full Stat Save:

Full Stats, Default Tricks, Best Score 875, Best Combo 300, Level 1, $1, No Goals Completed.

1. Navigate to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\%AppData%\Local\VicariousVisions\THPS\Saved\SaveGames
2. Replace your save with this save.
3. When you launch in Epic Games, select the offline save when the game starts (will pop up).

Download: (AlcatrazDemoSaveData.sav)


Manual .PAK Patches:

These open in a new tab or window.

Play Splitscreen Online!

Free Roam Main Menu
Warehouse Main Menu
Free Roam Warehouse


Console Commands:

1. Download Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker.
2. Launch THPS1+2, Launch UUU^, Select THPS1+2, Hit Inject.
3. Go into Single Session, Hit the ' key (console will pop up), enter commands.

Note: This list is edited to conceal things I did not find. Your best bet to find more commands right now is the THPSGoat Discord.


This specific command was found by Morten:
DestroyAll BP_SingleSessionGameMode_C - When the demo timer expires the game doesn't end.


These commands were found by TNT, but feel free to use them as you wish:

DestroyAll BP_Player_Teleport_Base_C - No Out-of-Bounds (tested in CAP, doesn't play OB message)
Slomo (valuehere) - Changes speed. 2 is 2x, .5 is half.
Teleport - Teleport forward a little
pause - pauses game, enter again to resume
toggledebugcamera - free camera
r.ScreenPercentage (valuehere) - Changes the resolution scale %, example 10 is 10%
stat fps - shows FPS on screen
Summon BP_CAPGameMode_C - Turns mouse curser on
DestroyAll BP_AlcatrazHUD_C - Removes HUD
Summon BP_Player_Teleport_Base_C - Plays Out of Bounds Message and teleports you to center of map
DestroyAll BP_AlcatrazPlayerState_C - Removes controls from skater, get stuck in menus.

Spawn World Objects Universal:
Summon BP_CAPMainLoop_C - Spawns a CAP Quarterpipe with CAP outline, adds cap curser to screen
Summon BP_CAPPlayerController_C - Same as above, spawns CAP QP with outline
Summon BP_SelectSkaterPawn_C - Spawns selected skater (Tony Hawk) standing
Summon BP_CAS_Player_Base_C - Should spawn default CAS, in demo spawns black floating head
Summon BP_Collectible_Skate_S_C - Spawns SKATE letter, but you collect it instantly.
Summon BP_Collectible_Skate_K_C - Spawns SKATE letter, but you collect it instantly.
Summon BP_Collectible_Skate_A_C - Spawns SKATE letter, but you collect it instantly.
Summon BP_Collectible_Skate_T_C - Spawns SKATE letter, but you collect it instantly.
Summon BP_Collectible_Skate_E_C - Spawns SKATE letter, but you collect it instantly.
Summon BP_RenderToTexturePawn_C - Spawns a giant black box
Summon BP_DynamicObj_Base_C - Spawns floating grey cube
Summon BP_DO_Group_Base_C - Spawns floating grey cube
Summon BP_SnapBoxVisualization_C - Spawns a floating transparent cube
Summon BP_GodRay_C - Spawns a horizontal collection of light beams
Summon BP_LifeAmbient_SplineActor_C - Spawns floating red text that says AMBIENT
Summon BP_SelectedSkaterWidget_C - Spawns the floating Tony Hawk text from character select in-game
Summon BP_CAPGizmo_C - Spawns a small floating circle
Summon BP_CAPLumpTweakControl_C - Spawns a small floating green square

Spawn World Objects Warehouse:
Summon BP_Animal_Pigeon_FlyAway_C - Spawns Pigeon
Summon BP_WHDoor_DM_UVMap_Left_C - Spawns destructable door (from warehouse entrance)
Summon BP_WHDoor_DM_UVMap_Right_C - Spawns destructable door (from warehouse entrance)
Summon BP_WHDeckPanel_DM_A_C - Spawns window that shatters immediately
Summon BP_WHBarrier_DM_01_C - Spawns traffic barrier from warehouse (can't move)
Summon BP_DO_TrafficBarrier_DM_01_C - Spawns traffic barrier from warehouse (can move)
Summon BP_DO_WHCrate_DM_01_C - Spawns crate from warehouse
Summon BP_DO_WHGroupCrate_DM_C - Spawns crate from warehouse that explodes immediately
Summon BP_DO_Canister_A_C - Spawns rusty compressed air canister
Summon BP_DO_Luggage_A_C - Spawns luggage
Summon BP_DO_DentedBarrel_A_C - Spawns a dented barrel
Summon BP_DO_TrafficCone_A_C - Spawns traffic cone

Spawn World Objects Ocean Pad CAP:
Summon BP_CAP_Static_Shark_A1_C - Spawns Shark
Summon BP_CAP_Static_SpeedBoat_A_C - Spawns Speedboat
Summon BP_CAP_Static_Sailboat_A1_C - Spawns Sailboat

Spawn World Objects Skate Heaven CAP:
Summon BP_CAP_Heaven_Big_spotlight_C - Spawns floating block light

You can replace Summon with DestroyAll to remove the objects. This applies to objects you didn't place.
Destroying all traffic cones for example, will remove the default ones in warehouse as well.

You can spawn a bunch of an item at once. Example:
Summon BP_DO_WHCrate_DM_01_C|Summon BP_DO_WHCrate_DM_01_C|Summon BP_DO_WHCrate_DM_01_C will spawn 3 crates together, but you can do more.