Custom CAP Size
Tutorial By: TNT

What exactly does this do?
- This allows you to make caps smaller than the game will let you!


1. Open THUG PRO and go to PARK EDITOR.

2. Select a theme that allows you to resize like in THUG 2. 'Antarctica' allows this. 'Hell' does not allow this.

3. Resize the park and make it as small as it will allow you to make it, and then save the game.

4. Open the save in Hex Workshop.

5. Hit CTRL + H. Set the type to 'HEX VALUES.' Type '0808' and hit enter.

6. 0808 is your XY. 08 blocks in one direction. 08 blocks in another direction. This makes the square. You can change this to whatever you like:

0000 = No park at all
0101 = 1x1 square
0405 = 4x5 square

7. Fix the checksum. (Checksum Tutorial)

8. Load the save!

Note: Fence blocks work in 2's. If you choose an odd number, there will be one square with no fence. If you air into the empty spot, you will bounce back into the park.

Note 2: If you try to make the CAP larger than the game allows, it freezes the game.

Note 3: If you don't place Player Spawns, when you load the map outside Park Editor, you'll load in the blank area, unable to skate.