Custom CAP Gap Score
Tutorial By: TNT

What exactly does this do?
- This allows you to make GAPS in CAPs worth up to 65,353 each!


1. Open THUG PRO and go to PARK EDITOR.

2. Create a gap, and name it. Leave the score at the default 100. (Example: TNTHPS)

3. Save the park.

4. Open the save in Hex Workshop.

5. Hit CTRL + H. Set the type to 'TEXT.' Type the gap name and hit enter. (Example: TNTHPS)

6. Below the gap name, you should see a single lowercase d. Highlight it.

In Hex Editor, you should see 00640001, with 64 highlighted when you highlight the d.

7. You can edit the gap score by changing 00640001 to 00xxxx01, with xxxx being the value. 64 in hex = 100 in dec.

The maximum value is FFFF, so 00FFFF01, which makes the gap worth 65,535.

7. Fix the checksum. (Checksum Tutorial)

8. Load the save!

Note: If you add a lot of gaps, and want to mass change the scores, use the replace function in Hex Workshop to replace all instances of '00640001' with '00FFFF01' as HEX.