Script by BlazE

With these files you will be able to play the map Testlevel in single player. You will crash if you try to load this map online.

As usual, you must have your thugpro_qb.prx decompiled to use this.

This mod requires you to download 4 files, all of which can be downloaded here:

testlevelscripts.rar mirror

Once downloaded you will see 4 files. The file named 'thugpro_levelselect.qb' gets put in the folder THUGPRO/data/qb/thugpro (you will want to backup the original file!)

The other 3 files named 'TestLevel_scripts.prx, TestLevelcol.prx, and TestLevelscn.prx' go in the folder THUGPRO/data/pre. There will be no original file to backup so don't worry about that.

Once all that is done, go on thugpro and load the map Berlin, it should load Testlevel instead.


Script Location: THUGPRO/data/qb/thugpro
Download: testlevelscripts.rar mirror