Cheat Engine Modding
.CT/Tutorial by TNT and BlazE

Instructions: - Download and install Cheat Engine (free)
- Extract and launch the .CT from THUGPROCT_TNTHPS.rar
- Launch THUGPRO.exe
- Open the THUGPRO.exe process in Cheat Engine
- Click mods to enable them, click again to disable


Public Update 1.2: Added Infinite Scales, Disable Moon Gravity, No Out-of-Bounds V.2.

I have been informed of and provided a scaling mod that has become public,
prompting the release of my scale script. Enjoy!

Disable Moon Gravity is something I personally wanted while playing with people who had enabled Moon Gravity.


Included Mods:

- Infinite Wallplant / Sticker Slap
Removes back-to-back limit from game

- No Wallplant Speed Loss

- Huge Wallrides

- Wall Shuffle
Hold Wallride and tap Ollie

- Rail Shuffle
Hold Grind and tap Ollie

- Can't Bail Air Tricks
If you hold a grab or flip trick too long you'll float on the ground instead of bailing

- No Rail Gravity (Grind Up Rails)

- Disable Moon Gravity
Use this to disable moon gravity for yourself if the host enables it.

- No Out-Of-Bounds
Individually control ground, water, and CAP spikes

- No Out-of-Bounds V.2
Disables crash + reset when you go out of bounds

- Luge Mod
Do Special Manual 'The Worm' and you'll Luge instead

- Flawless Infinite Scales
Goes negative, upside down, inside out, as long as you want.

- Overlap Clothing (Male + Female)
When enabled, your skater won't reset when you change from male to female in the CAS menu, allowing you to add items from both male and female clothing.

- Overlap Clothing (Outdated, use if the other doesn't work)
Create a male cas, and when it's ready enable this to be able to add new layers as female.

- Pre-Made Skaters = ???
Darby = Nick (Secret Ped)
Vinnie = Hand
Tad = COD Soldier
Jack = Shrek

- Infinite Color Scaling (USE ALL FOUR)